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Full Sequential 6 speed gearbox

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Full Sequential 6 speed gearbox

Why choose a KAPS Transmissions sequential gearbox? The answer is easy! The sequential gearbox is designed to provide the ultimate in professionalism and performance: shift quickness, strength, durability, components and flexibility.

Shift Quickness
The gearbox contains KAPS Transmissions‘ revolutionary patented dog ring and dog hub technology, which shortens the gear lever movement and greatly improves shift times to as low as 50milliseconds (with our EPS computer).
Throughout the whole gearbox, every component is strengthened to withstand up to 800NM of torque! Not just inside the gearbox is important, but also the case. Our experience has proven that casted aluminium casings do not hold up to the high demands required from high horsepower and torque cars and our CNC aluminium casing is the toughest on the market. The other benefit is that aluminium creates an extremely light case, and the total weight saving of our kit is around 20kgs over the standard Subaru gearbox!
Ask the questions and compare the full gearbox package to the competition – CNC aluminium housing (-20kgs), Internal Shifting Piston, Hydraulic Inlet/Outlet, Oil pump Inlet/Outlet, Position for internal Hydraulic Pump. We give you more to blow away the competition.
The gearbox was designed to provide you with choices. See our additional available sequential products to the right.

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