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The same high Zinc and Phosphorus formula as our original break-in oil, now in SAE 10W-40 viscosity...
31.83 BGN
Recommended by multiple cam manufacturers, this unique petroleum oil provides optimum levels of Zinc..
32.50 BGN
The same high zinc and phosphorus formula as the orginal break in oil, now in an SAE 5W-30 viscosity..
33.32 BGN
Recommended by leading camshaft manufacturers, this unique extreme pressure lube dissolves completel..
96.70 BGN
Utilises low viscosity synthetic base oils for increased horsepower without decreased durability. Fo..
75.38 BGN
DT40 utilises advanced synthetic base oils to provide high temperature and high shear protection for..
45.09 BGN
Excellent protection for supercharged, big block and looser clearance engines. Ideal for long stroke..
45.09 BGN
Utilises ultra low viscosity synthetic base oils for maximum horsepower during circle track qualifyi..
73.77 BGN
Proven to handle 500 miles of competition at over 9500 RPM, XP1 utilises multiple synthetic base oil..
75.38 BGN
Utilises multiple low viscosity synthetic base oils to fine tune for increased horsepower and improv..
75.34 BGN
Provides outstanding high temperature and high shear protection. Utilises selected synthetic base oi..
64.95 BGN
Provides excellent bearing oil film thickness for aluminum blocks and looser clearance engines. Util..
68.30 BGN
Reduces wear and lowers temperatures compared to conventional 20W-50 racing oils. Provides increased..
64.95 BGN